The standard

An organisation that is entered in the SNF register complies with the standard for housing labour migrants. Every year, those organisations undergo an administrative inspection to check whether all their sites have been registered with the SNF and whether they meet the requirements of good employment practices and supervision and management. During the year, all sites for which the organisation itself is responsible (party with primary responsibility) are inspected for compliance with all SNF standards. The standard includes the following components: space and privacy, sanitary facilities, safety and hygiene, facilities, information provision, fire safety, supervision and management. Each component consists of a number of specific requirements that the housing must meet. All sites which the organisation obtains from other SNF-registered undertakings and which, via that undertaking, have already been inspected by SNF inspectors must be notified by the undertaking, but do not need to be inspected again. Thus, all sites are inspected periodically, but are not, in principle, ‘double-inspected’.

The SNF standard for housing labour migrants can be downloaded.

An organisation which is entered in the SNF register may use the applicable quality mark logo of Stichting Normering Flexwonen for the register. Use of the quality mark logo is subject to the quality mark logo rules. These can be found here.

The information sheet (standard component 10) must contain the following mandatory elements: address, number of beds, text in both Dutch and English, plus QR codes. You can download the Word format for that information sheet here.